House Extension Cost Calculator
house extension cost calculator

House Extension Costs

So, you have decided to get the much-awaited house extension for your place. Regardless of the reason, the cost is the essential factor determining everything. After all, you wouldn’t want to run out of funds or burn a hole in your pocket as you get the job done. Therefore, it is pivotal for you to learn about house extension costs.

To help you gain more clarity, here are some answers to common questions you will encounter:

How Much Does An Extension Cost?

There’s a quick answer for you – use the home extension costs calculator. It is frequently managed with up to date information to help you get an accurate idea about the costs. Indeed, it can vary, but slightly, according to the change in the economy. However, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of estimating everything by yourself, it is a good idea to use the home extension costs calculator.

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How Do I Estimate The Cost Of An Extension?

Perhaps you don’t want to use the calculator. That’s understandable if you want to do the old-school things. Different factors determine the overall home extension costs. Here is a glance at some of these aspects:

  • The building elements like debris removal, siding replacement, type of roof, windows, and doors
  • Your location. Even in Australia, different areas have varying costs.
  • The kind of extension project and the scale from a single room extension to a second story extension.
  • The time it will take to finish the project.
  • The material required to complete the project.
  • Quality of the material.
  • Professionals that you will hire.
  • Any additional damage, repair, or unforeseeable emergency funds.

Let’s not forget the cost of getting a permit for an extension. These are just factors that make up for the overall quote for the building extension costs. If you can find answers to these questions, you will have a reasonable estimate of the expenses.

How Much Does A House Extension Cost In Australia?

The average extension costs per square metre are around $2,000 to $4,000, roughly. You will also have to consider the hourly rates of hiring a professional, like a carpenter. That is approximately $40 to $60, depending on location in Australia.

Correlatively, the ground floor extensions are cost-effective. Meanwhile, second story extension costs twice as much as the ground floor. After all, you will have to hire professionals to draw out the map, and the task requires professionals.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Extend Your House?

Where or how can you get the cheapest house extension costs in Australia? To be fair, it is not that easy. However, there are some tips that can help you cut down the cost:

  • Try to get a simple extension with a basic design.
  • Don’t invest in interior designers or other similar services.
  • Stick to basic materials that are readily available in your area.

As mentioned earlier, a double story extension costs more than a ground-level or single-level extension. By that rule, you could have affordable renovation extension costs. It is when you renovate a room and extend it slightly in size—for instance, getting one side of the room elongated by moving the walls further.

It is generally easier to get a permit for these too. But it only works if you have ground-level construction.

House Extension Ideas Australia

Now that you have a good idea about house extension costs in Australia, it is expected that you will want to look for cheaper alternatives. You already received a couple of tips above to help you with cost-effective methods. However, what if you’re looking to enhance the value of your property?

Here is a quick overview of ideas that can enhance the value of your place:

  • Extra Room Or Bedroom: +20%
  • Kitchen Space Extension: +10-20%
  • Loft Conversion: Around 15% increment in value.
  • Living Space Extension: 10-15% increase.
  • Extra Bathroom: 5-15%, depending on whether it is attached to a room or a standalone.
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Adding A Room To A House Average Cost Australia

These costs are similar to the owner builder extension costs. You already received the idea of a cost per metre square. Now, you will just have to multiply accordingly. Still, for a basic room, you can expect anywhere around $30,000 for a complete extension.

How Much Does It Cost To Add A Bathroom To A Room?

Comparatively, if you add a bathroom, you can save around 20-30% of the cost. You can add a bathroom for about $20,000. However, if it is a bigger or more luxurious bathroom, the price can go above $30,000.

How Much Value Does Ensuite Add?

An ensuite adds value from anywhere between 5 to 10%. Typically, it is around 5%, but the quality and size of the ensuite can also impact its value. However, as it is a part of the room, it will always add less value. Either way, it is still cost-effective in terms of building extension costs.

Can I Put A Toilet In My Bedroom?

You will have to reach out to the professional and get an idea. There is an option to either shrink the size of the room or provide an extension. Either way, you should be able to add a bathroom. There are specific permits, but it is easier to get them than a full-fledged extension.

What Adds Most Value To A House?

From the overall evaluation of home extension costs, you can quickly determine that adding a single room would enhance the house’s value. However, if you can invest in a completely new floor or story, you will witness a more significant increment. But remember a double story extension costs twice as much as the average extension.

There is also an idea of the granny flats that you can use to enhance the value of your house. These are cost-effective and provide a significant return on investment. They are pretty popular in Australia for multiple uses.

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We hope you found all the answers to various questions regarding a home extension project. If still not sure, you can get a good idea by using a home extension costs calculator.