House Extension Cost Calculator
house extension cost calculator

How Long Does It Take To Build A Home Extension

There are two popular queries about a home extension project. The first one is about the house extension costs, and another one is about the duration. So, how long does it take to build a home extension?

If you browse through the internet, you will find countless answers that will tell you that “It depends on the project.” These vague answers won’t help anyone, will they? You already know that. You are here to get an idea, a more precise solution.

We have used our expertise to help you get a good idea of the time it will take. This guide breaks down every segment in a specific timeframe. You can also use our home extension costs calculator if you’re looking for the expense. So, let’s begin on the price, and then come commonly asked questions:

How Long Does A House Extension Take?

A house extension project can last anywhere between six months to a year. It can extend further if the project is more significant. Here is a quick breakdown of the time consumption:

  • Preparations: 2 weeks to a month.
  • Designing: 2 weeks to a month and a half.
  • Planning with experts: Two months to 10 weeks.
  • Technical planning and designs: 4 weeks to 2 months
  • Securing a tender: 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the company.
  • Building process: Anywhere between two months to six months.

You will receive more information on factors that impact the home extension duration and home extension costs below. It will help you get a better idea. You can also determine which ones you can avoid or omit while understanding the necessary ones.

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Timber Feature Stairs. Premium Internal Staircase & Baluster Designs. Melbourne Stairs Pty Ltd.
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Home Extension Duration Per Square Metre

If you’ve been reading our database, you might already know home extension costs per square metre. So, let’s talk about the time it takes for the construction:

Almost any construction project will take at least 3 to 4 months.

Let’s assume that you’re looking for a three-metre extension duration. For a single rear extension duration, it can take around 3 to 4 months for three metres. No project will take less than that.

These calculations only take the building process under construction. A simple building, not the design and planning-based. Those will take longer. Therefore, it is ideal for taking a time slot of at least a year for any project.

Just like how a second storey extension costs double, if you get a double-height rear extension duration will also be twice as long (six to eight months).

Owner Builder Extension Costs And Duration

As stated, it is time to break down and give you a better idea, in detail, about the extension durations and how they can impact the cost:

  • First, you will set a meeting with the experts, taking around an hour to two.
  • If you opt for design concepts, it will take one to three weeks. This is to map out your ideas.
  • Next, a revision and final design phase can take a week to four, depending on any last-minute changes.
  • Next, you will find a contractor. They will provide you with engineers, architects, and builders with a fixed duration to get the home extension done.
  • Now, the next two weeks to almost two months will be used to get permissions. These ensure that your project meets all the regulations and laws. The architect and engineer will take care of meeting the criteria.
  • Sometimes, if you need a party wall, it can extend the process of approval by four to six weeks.
  • In some areas, even extension projects could require Town council (or Town Planning Council) approval. It could take a three months to a year.

If you have original plans and a house map, you can save weeks of extra work. An architect can work with pre-existing plans to bring the best results.

Similarly, the engineer can also scan these projects and decide the parts they have to examine. Instead of the complete home inspection, it will save you time to get the evaluations.

You can also choose not to get a party wall if it isn’t necessary.

Similarly, you can approach a private contractor instead of applying for tenders. This can save you weeks, even months.

Remember that finding the best quotes, the best company or contractor, and materials will all depend on you and the market research you conduct.

Building Extension Duration That Impact Building Extension Cost

You might already have a good idea regarding house extension costs in Australia. This also goes for renovation extension costs. But what about if you have to move out during the building extension duration? Would it impact your building extension costs? Here are some commonly asked questions to give you a better insight:

How Long Would A Loft Conversion Take?

A loft conversion is pretty easier than building something from scratch. Let’s say that you’re looking for a rear dormer loft conversion. It will take around three to four months to complete the project.

Timber Window Installation. Guaranteed on-time delivery of timber windows in Melbourne. Noremac Windows.
Timber Window Installation. Guaranteed on-time delivery of timber windows in Melbourne. Noremac Windows.
Timber Window Installation. Timber windows in Melbourne. Noremac Windows.

Do You Have To Move Out For The Home Extension Project Duration?

You can stay at home if your home extension project is confined to a single area or portion of the house. However, it covers the entire house. You will have to move. Otherwise, it can be highly inconvenient for you.

You can also discuss it with your contractor for better insights. Some builders will even help you set up a temporary kitchen and rooms in the house at a cost-effective range.

If you don’t want to move out, the best thing for you to do is to divide the project into segments.

How To Prevent House Extension Duration From Increasing?

There are many factors that will impact the overall duration of the house extension project. Natural elements like a storm and other weather conditions can’t be helped. However, you can hire well-versed professionals to ensure a decline in performance.

Challenges that arise are the lack of available builders or workforce to finish the project. You need to discuss it with the builder. Usually, it is a good idea to stick to a fixed price and give them the time frame. You can be firm about them finishing the home extension in the fixed duration. Otherwise, you won’t pay extra.

Similarly, you can also look for a contractor or builder with a worthwhile portfolio. Check their projects that they completed at least a year ago. Look for reviews and such. This can help you prevent the house extension duration from increasing.

Extending and renovating? Choose your local extension and renovation builder and designer. Cameron Construction.
Extending and renovating? Choose your local extension and renovation builder and designer. Cameron Construction.
Extending & Renovating? Choose your local extension & renovation Builder and designer. Cameron Construction.