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Finding the Right Builder for your Home Extension

The family home is usually a person or couple’s largest asset, as well as place of residence, growing up and growing old. Renovation and extension work is intended to enhance the usability, liveability and value of the property and there is no person who wants their largest asset to diminish in an attempt to improve it. It is important to find the right renovators or extension builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to place importance on doing good work on the home.

There are many factors and considerations while planning a renovation, extension or any project with builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. It’s more than just having some good ideas and the money to make it happen, there is a great deal of trust involved while someone effectively recreates a place of residence.


References and testimonials from satisfied clients are a great way to know that specific extension builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane are diligent and thorough in their work. While this is not a specific indication of the skill, experience or quality of extension builders, in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane it can provide great peace of mind and a small amount of security, as the builder will not want to tarnish their positive reputation. Even ask friends if they know any builders they could recommend.

Inspect Current Work before Choosing your Home Extension Builder

When discussing a project with a builder, ask them if they have any current or recently completed work that can be inspected. It may help provide greater insight into the Melbourne Brisbane and Sydney builder’s skill, experience, reputation, as well as into the challenges that your own upcoming project may have.


Discuss the length of the entire project as well as the main tasks that require work. It is important to understand how long things take, how they may affect the household’s day-to-day living, will the house need to be vacated for any period of time, and any other questions that may be relevant. A realistic estimate on the time of the project is a great indicator of extension builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane who understand both the project at hand as well as the potential pitfalls

Awards and Industry Recognition

Has the builder ever won an award for their work, or been acknowledged by their peers? Industry recognition of a job well done is a good sign that a builder at least has the skills and experience to perform a task to a satisfactory standard. Membership to organisations such as the Home Improvement Association (HIA) and Master Builders Association (MBA) come with entry requirements and annual reviews which indicate a high standard and accountability of work for extension and general builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane.


Always get a detailed quote from a builder and always discuss anything that seems ambiguous or incorrect with them. This allows for easier comparison with other extension builders in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane and greater transparency between builder and client.